Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grenade Fishing

Well, there are occasionally signs of progress in Afghanistan. Recently, President Karzai made a stunning legislative move with far-reaching social implications. No, I'm not talking about the proposed new law that, among other things, allows Shia men (mostly Hazara) to rape their wives without penalty.

The stunning new law I'm referring to is the one that once and for all bans grenade-fishing in Afghanistan. For those of you not familiar with grenade-fishing, it's a favorite method for gathering cheap eats without all the effort of actually casting a line or throwing a net. Basically, you find a pond or a lake with a decent amount of fish, and throw in some hand grenades or whatever other explosives you have handy. The concussion kills the fish en masse and the float to the surface, ready for easy scooping and frying. Very cost-effective, assuming one has access to sufficient explosives.

Well according to President Karzai, grenade fishing has been banned "to help protect wildlife and the environment." No word on whether hunting goats with RPGs will also be banned.

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