Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Things Some Afghans Believe

Inspired by a similar post by S4 at War, here are a few things some Afghans believe:

  1. US and ISAF forces are here to conquer Afghanistan and steal the oil.
  2. The ICRC is actually a front for Christian crusaders, and they force locals to convert to Christianity in order to receive medical treatment.
  3. There is a brothel on every US base, staffed by local girls kidnapped by US forces.

A dose of reality for any Afghan readers out there:

  1. Afghanistan doesn't have any oil. That's why petrol is imported from Pakistan. You've seen the tanker trucks on the Jalalabad road, right?
  2. Has anyone ever met an Afghani Christian? Or even seen a church? Local Christians are pretty thin on the ground around here, and I doubt the ICRC could get their shit together long enough to convert anybody.
  3. There's not even a bar on US bases, much less a brothel. General Order No. 1 prohibts a range of items and activities that conflict with local sensibilities, like alcohol and pornography. I'm pretty sure prostitution is on that list as well. Besides, have you seen Afghan girls?! I mean, they're nice......if you think Groucho Marx with bad teeth and more facial hair is attractive. No one would pay good money for that.

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twiga said...

Pal-6: I linked from NRO, and kept reading. You scored 8/10 on the range; your posts are equally on target. You have a fine concise sense. I'll keep up. Best, t.