Friday, March 5, 2010

Death Valley

Back in the States, Death Valley refers to the desert on the border of California and Nevada, the lowest point in the U.S. Here, when people refer to Death Valley, they usually mean either the Tagab or Alasay Valleys, or the Arghandab down south.**

*Full disclosure, we have recruited in the Tagab and Alasay valleys. They can become no-go areas for ISAF forces, but with the right contacts they can yield some very tough people willing to work in extremely dicey areas.
**Although, in a nod to a certain conflict in Southeast Asia, all of those are also sometimes referred to by local American forces as "Happy Valley."

However, it does have another meaning, Death Valley Magazine, an online repository for useful information, reviews of the latest gear and the occasional bit of humor or commentary. The homepage is here. Chock full of good advice (check out this bit on the Greyman). Written by a consortium of guys, so they are able to to post something every damn day. Something I haven't been able to manage (yet).

Perhaps too esoteric for people not actually involved in this business,* but worth a look if you spend time in the shitty bits of the world, or enjoy reading about those who do.

*How many people outside of the PSC world really need a review of the latest in tactical gear? Or knives?


James G said...

Hey – Thanks for posting about us

We appreciate it big time

We also added you to our links page here:

~James G
Founder - Editor in Chief
Death Valley Magazine

shawn said...

Thanks for taking the time to dig into Death Valley Mag!

your comments and review are appreciated.

Bubba M.

James G said...

And to answer your question:

"*How many people outside of the PSC world really need a review of the latest in tactical gear? Or knives?"

I would estimate that less than 1% of the people that buy Tactical gear, guns, books, clothing, patches, knives and related gear use them in a hostile environment on a daily basis.

The other 99% are tactical enthusiasts

But we try to make reviews for guys working in hostile environments and for guys that are tactical enthusiasts because we know that they are the largest group of guys buying gear.

Thanks again for the good words about us!

~James g

PaladinSix said...

"Tactical enthusiast"

I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I like the sound of it.

I think another word for that is "Fobbit."

James G said...

Tactical Enthusiast is someone who doesn’t work directly in a Tactical Combat Environment (and never claims to), yet still purchases gear or attends tactical training classes.

Sort of like a hobbyist

~James G