Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What We're Fighting For

On most days, I have trouble seeing the good side to this place. Very occasionally, I find some small bit of encouragement in the people here. And all too often, I'm reminded of what a primitive, atavistic culture this is.

Someone remind me again of why we're here.


adam said...

The White Man's Burden?

Anonymous said...

I think helping keep alive the idea that all human life is valuable and being willing to back that idea up with action is a pretty good reason.

dmouse said...

There was this tall bearded Saudi oh wait lets cut this short.Human right,humanitarian aid.And that's if they can't steal it.sell it in the market for money. or trade it for a donkey.After that no other reason to be there.

Anonymous said...

And what was that reason??

Lake Geneva, WI said...

For several months I've been waiting for either you or babatim at Free Range

International to write a post about Major Bill Shaw. Maybe neither of you are aware of

this...? Every update I find gets more horrifying. Anthony Malone another Brit in Poli

Charki prison with psychotic Muhammadist has been forced to "convert" to Islam and

grow a scraggly beard to survive.

The hellish injustice of Major Bill Shaw MBE, the Briton locked up with the Taliban
By Nadene Ghouri Last updated at 10:24 PM on 26th June 2010


PaladinSix said...

Lake Geneva,

I am aware (as is every other Western contractor here) of the unfortunate fate of Bill Shaw.

It's the Afghan-equivalent of childhood ghost stories that keep us up at night.

Post coming, I promise.

termostaattori said...

I think in the film "Se7en" Morgan Freeman summarize it quite well: "Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for." I agree with the second part."