Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not a dove, but......

Word from the BBC that a member of the Wildlife Conservation Society has discovered a breeding ground for the rare species of warbler (it's a bird, I think) in a "remote corner of Afghanistan."* Probably Nimroz Province in the southwest part of the country, but they don't say for sure.

*Somewhat ironic to describe any part of this country as "remote." Is there a part that isn't remote? The whole damn place is disconnected from the rest of the world in all sorts of ways. To qualify as "remote" here, you really have to be out there in the boonies. Not for nothing do people refer to Afghanistan as "the 12th century, with cellphones."

By far the best part of the article is the conclusion:

While the scientists are excited by the discovery, they are concerned about the long-term survival of these birds.
Ironically the ongoing war and the remoteness of their location have helped their survival - but according to Mr Timmins, this might change.
"We don't wish a war-like situation on anybody. But once peace comes and development starts, you really do have to think about
what will happen to the natural environment," he said.

Yeah, like "peace" and "development" are coming here anytime soon. I think your precious birds are safe for a while longer.

Besides, if the price for some decent jobs and a functioning economy is that geeks from the WCS can no longer find birds that they thought were extinct, then that's a price I'm willing to pay.


mud poisoned said...

I think you need to convince the WTC that the remote area needs to be protected. I am sure they could get some sort of government grant to hire a certain security company...

PaladinSix said...

Like I don't have enough trouble watching the clients I do have. "Herding cats" is not too far from the truth. I don't think I need to add "herding birds" to that list.

Laura_K_Garnet said...

Hello there PaladinSix!
Sending a shout-out to you from southeastern Wisconsin!
Just letting you know you've picked up a new reader. I've
got you book marked and have been checking in and lurking
for a week or so. Decided to come out of lurk-mode and say
"hi". :)

Search Google and ye shall find! I was looking for blogs from
Afghanistan,that's how I found you, in case you are wondering.

Sometimes I read your older posts in chronological order,
which means I have to start at the bottom of the page and
work my way up. Sometimes I just click around at random.
Eventually I will work my way through everything you have
posted over the last year.

God bless you and keep you safe.