Monday, April 26, 2010

Friendly Fire?

Update to this post about Louis Maxwell and my earlier posts on the UN guesthouse attack, it now appears that at least some of the UN workers killed at the time were victims of friendly fire.*

*A particularly stupid euphemism, as if any fire that kills you can be "friendly."

The NY Times is reporting that a UN report has found that perhaps four of the five staff members killed in the guesthouse were victims of the ANCOP rather than the Taliban attackers. As a witness to parts of that attack and the security forces' response to it, I can say that there was an awful lot of firepower directed against that building from the outside. Apparently not all of it was particularly well-targeted.

As I've said in the past when talking about the ANSF, I don't fault their bravery, just their judgement.


dmouse said...

Over at Feral Jundi he has a update.With a cell phone video.With a claim that the UN has his weapon.? something still very wrong here.

dmouse said...

Oh and danger room has posted the video.

James G - Death Valley Mag said...

Dude, you are mentioned on Wired Mag

dmouse said...

Dude you ok,back home.?

Lucas said...

Hey P6,
hope you're doing ok out there. It is great reading this, very interesting knowing what's going on out there.
Stay safe.

LimaDog said...

I remember this day in Kabul shortly after 6am I had just gotten off working a 12 hr shift when the gunfire broke out..