Monday, May 31, 2010

Existential Question of the Day

Just how many cigarettes can one smoke in a single day? This is assuming that

a) One is not really trying to smoke a lot of cigarettes; it just happens naturally, and
b) The full day lasts from waking to sleep again, regardless of the actual passage of hours.

Speaking for myself, my answer to the question apparently maxes out around sixty five, the point at which the fingertips get kind of tingly (not in a good way) and the throat feels like one has been gargling with volcanic ash.

Don’t think I’ll be doing that again for a while.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Yea... Although I don't really like smoking, I think if I was in your situation I would be a chimney.

Chew some gum? :p


dmouse said...

Yeah that's little to much,but i can't say i blame you.

James G said...

65 - dang that's pretty good. I think 40 would be the top for me

~James G

Kristina Divine said...

Saying there are about 20 in a single pack you only smoked a little more than 3 packs. While growing up my father smoked 4 to 6 packs A DAY for about 30 years. That would be 80 to 120 a DAY. People laugh when I tell them I grew up in a Chimney, until they realize I am not joking.

Paul said...

Back in the bad old days of Vietnam, the Army used to show these training films on smoking and drinking. In the smoking one, they'd slice a lung up and show all the gunk in it. Same with the drinking one -- they'd slice up a brain. At the end of the films, they'd always tell us that we wouldn't live as long if we engaged in these destructive behaviors.

. . . Which always left us infantrymen wondering . . . they're sending us outside the wire tomorrow for a week or so out in the bush and they're trying to tell us we might die a few days early when we're 70?

There was a certain level of cognitive disconnect. Do what you gotta do, but when this is all over, you might think about quitting.

PaladinSix said...

I'll be happy to cut back to half a pack a day (my historical average) when/if I get out of this place.

By the way, the smoking baby video is OUTSTANDING.