Saturday, August 21, 2010


As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been writing much lately (for this blog or for other projects). Things have been a little thin around here lately.*

*A recurring problem.

There's no shortage of things to write about, and discuss, but frankly, I'm too tired to do the issues justice.

I'm tired of this job. I'm tired of this company. I'm tired of this industry. I'm tired of the Afghan government.* I'm tired of this war.

*And not all that enamored with the U.S. government at the moment.

Most of all, I'm tired of this place. I've always been ambivalent about the mission here, but lately I find myself wandering to extremes. One day I'm convinced that we can do this right and that someday this country will be better off. The next day I'm emphatic that this country deserves it's self-inflicted fate. Whether either position is correct, I have no idea.

Maybe I just need to get out and recharge my batteries. Or maybe I'm just done. I'm not sure which yet. What I am sure of is that something needs to change. Just haven't figured out what that "something" is yet.


Matt said...

Hey, what are your thoughts about this decree and ban that Karzai is imposing?

I hear you with motivation and I am hearing this from several contractors out of Afghanistan. Hang in there.

mud poisoned said...

Are you looking for another trip to Vegas? If you need a wing man, I am in...

Michael Hawkins said...

Are you there because you wanted to be a world-improver, or because of a job?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like burnout. It can happen in any job, but burnout is a lot more dangerous in a war zone, than say, a restaurant.

Go somewhere green and quiet. Recharge. Then decide if you want to go back, or if you have to go back.

Just my advice.

Martin said...

Ditto what the anonymous person said. Take a few steps back to get some rest and perspective. Then decide.

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Jake said...

Sooner or later this business just chews you up. If you are lucky it will spit you out. If you are really lucky you will land somewhere else and your experience will be a huge asset to you. Hang in there as long as you can if you have men counting on you for leadership. But if/when your realize that you cannot provide them with the leadership they deserve then you are obliged to tap-out.


K. Rovick said...

I know you're going through one hell of a time over there, and that the BS piles up time and time again. You write an awesome blog, and it would be a shame if you were to stop posting.

Everyone needs a break now and then. You deserve it, and it sounds like you need it.

dmouse said...

Right now whats been happening there i would be burned out too.