Friday, April 3, 2009


The Godfather arrived today from the UK (see here if you don't know who that is). As one would expect from a proper gentleman such as himself, he came bearing gifts. A fresh supply of reading material (always appreciated) and a choice selection of goodies.

My stock of essentials has been doubled by the new arrivals.

Two sets of beautiful healthy twins. What more could one wish for? And speaking of children, I also received this from my 3-year old nephew in London:

I'm not entirely positive, because I haven't spoken to the artist, but I believe that it is his rendition of the glorious sunrise over the Hindu Kush reflected in the greasy effluent of indeterminate origin that collects in every gutter.*

*Actually, I'm kidding. The green-gray slime in the gutters (and the streets and every low spot in this town) is not of indeterminate origin. It has a very specific and nasty point of origin which I won't go into here. Suffice it to say the Kabuli plumbing leaves something to be desired.

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Dyslexic Rayn said...

man i was gonna send ya peanut butter but in case you havent heard and i know you dont give two shits,, its contaminated, so you probably would have enjoyed it more..but hey red label will kill that nasty salmonella...