Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu

One of the stories sweeping the Western world is the recent outbreak of swine flu, apparently centered on Mexico. Doesn't really make the news here, since we have slightly more lethal things to worry about.* Also, swine flu is somewhat less prevalent in a country with no pigs.

*Hepatitis, cholera and yellow fever are the local top three for infectious diseases, but we also have HIV, malaria Oh, and a disturbingly persistent jihadist insurgency too.

Nevertheless, in my personal quest for the highest standards of personal health*, I have searched the web for advice in case swine flu should add itself to the list of local health concerns.

*Yeah, right.

The ever-wise (and only mildly snarky) Abu Muqawama* notes this WaPo story about how the swine flu affects an inordinately large number of young and otherwise healthy people. He then goes on to suggest his own personal preventive approach, which I admit has a certain amount of appeal. Abu M's suggestions:
  1. If you don't smoke, now is a good time to start.
  2. Christopher Hitchens says that martinis are like breasts: One is one too
    few, while three is one too many. Well, to hell with that rule. Have at least
    four tonight.
  3. If you got a lot of rest this weekend, bully for you. But you now need to
    stay up for the next 72 hours living off a diet of black coffee and cigarettes.
    Oh, and gin.

*Abu M is now at CNAS, the Center for a New American Security, a fact which I try not to hold against him. CNAS is also kind enough to provide his health insurance, a luxury which I have not be privileged to possess for at least fifteen years.

Although quality gin is in somewhat short supply, I am reassured to know that I have the other prescriptions covered. Cigarettes, check. Black coffee, check. Gin, well no, but I do have copious amounts of whiskey, so that's a start.

Of all the health hazards to worry about, I guess swine flu won't be a problem. So I got that going for me.

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